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Finding The Antelope Express Shuttle at LAX



NewGreenSign.jpgWhen departing from LAX, please exit through the baggage claim area. You will need to walk to the center island and wait under the green sign which reads,


  "FLYAWAY Buses

Long Distance Vans"


The green sign may not be directly in front of your terminal. However, each terminal has one. Antelope Express Vans and Buses are white with blue lettering.


Where will I be dropped off?



It is impossible to be at all Terminals at the same time. (Please arrive 15 minutes prior to pickup time.) The scheduled departure time is when we leave the first terminal. Please allow extra time to complete circuit due to traffic. (It takes us roughly 20 minutes to complete the circut.)



Arrival times may vary due to traffic and construction delays.

Daily commuter service is available. Please contact our office for rates and information.





Antelope Valley's Only Scheduled Airport Shuttle





Why Worry About...


Overpriced airport parking fees. Hassle with luggage and traffic. High cost of gasoline, wear and tear on your car. Renting a car and paying to fuel it. Why inconvenience your family and friends by asking them to drive you to the airport? Why drive all the way to the Valley to make other connections when you can go non stop directly to your terminal.


Take The Time To Say Hello and  to Family and Friends at any of our departure locations without the pressure of traffic and airport congestion.



We Take Care of your Packages, Parcels, Luggage, Parts, Lost Luggage, Payroll, Documents, Baggage


No one makes more trips each day from the Antelope Valley to LAX than Antelope Express: not even UPS or Federal Express. We make 10 trips to LAX per Day! If you need a Part, Parcel or Package, Special Documents, Baggage, Payroll, etc., call Antelope Express! We can work out the details. Pickup can be made at LAX or in route.

The Antelope Express Advantage Is:


Convenient scheduled times.

We operate 10 times a day,

          7 days a week.

Curb to Curb Service.

No shuttling to and from remote lots.

No extra time off work.

No imposing on your friends.

Hassle free travel.

Economical & affordable.

No fuel costs.

No wear & tear on your car.

No LAX parking fees.

Leave your car safe at home

      or at AV Fly Away.

Professional courteous drivers.


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